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noblechairs is your prime purveyor of the finest and most elegant seating furniture available in the world. Born out of a passion project of seasoned industry veterans who were unsatisfied with what the gaming chair market had to offer at the time, we have given free reign to our expert designers from Germany to develop a new range of upmarket gamer seats featuring a slightly more subtle style and consisting of only the most valuable of materials. We relentlessly strive to provide our customers with precision-manufactured chairs that go beyond being simple seating furniture and rather become veritable lifestyle instruments.
noblechairs (Default) added 4 new photos.1 week ago
The Assembly Computer Festival in Finland is over and noblechairs had a blast at the Computer Festival.

Take on the hot seat and keep your head in the game. The EPIC Black/White/Blue provided comfort and luxury for players and visitors.

Join the nobility today ➡️
noblechairs2 weeks ago
If you're thinking of early morning exercises, you should check out Lauren Edmunds (Instagram: kickchick).

As you see, for some exercises you need two noblechairs ➡️
noblechairs2 weeks ago
Power 🐼! This setup by pindaPanda is nothing but clean and beautiful.

The neck pillow is something special. 😊 What do you think?
noblechairs3 weeks ago
Give it a rest to enjoy your time in your noblechairs. Numerous adjustment possibilities provide the best comfort you can get.

Get your noblechairs today:
noblechairs (Default) created a poll.1 month ago
Red vs Blue? ICON or HERO? It's a hard choice but which corner do you root for? 🤔
noblechairs (Default) is at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.1 month ago
Do you like Poker? The PokerStars tournament PCA (PokerStars Caribbean Adventure) started on 5th of January and is yearly held in the Bahamas.

noblechairs is a part of the Poker tournament.

Some of the players (e.g. Ben Spragg) and Twitch ambassadors are just playing Rocket League.

Tune in and watch them play!
PokerStars - Twitch
$25,000 PokerStars Players NL Hold'em Championship - Day 3 (LIVE, Cards Up)



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