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Designed in collaboration with esports professionals, the HERO Series is the most feature complete ergonomic office chair from noblechairs yet. A perfect choice for those that spend prolonged hours in front of the computer, this high-quality office chair utilizes an all new integrated adjustable lumbar support, allowing it to be fully customized to your individual needs. Intended to support bigger users, the HERO possesses a taller backrest, wider seat base and larger armrests.
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Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support

In response to customer feedback, this model features brand new integrated lumbar support. This feature, only usually found in high-end cars, allows you to quickly adjust the lumbar support in the chair via the use of a knob and offering hassle-free comfort.

  • Removes the need for separate cushions
  • Easy and efficient customization
  • Superior comfort

Large Backrest & Seat Base

The HERO is the largest in the noblechairs line yet, possessing new armrests, a wider seat base and a taller backrest. Merging these qualities with large amounts of padding and memory foam on the headrest creates an experience that makes any user feel right at home.

  • Bigger armrests that fit with the overall size of the chair
  • Wider seat base for larger users
  • Larger backrest with bulkier shape

Elegant Aesthetics

Designed as a lifestyle choice rather than a simple chair, this model features subtle branding, intricate stitching and a sleek look.

  • Subtle design that stands out through quality
  • Intricate diamond pattern stitching on backrest and seat base
  • Debossed noblechairs crown on the headrest
  • Aluminium noblechairs logo and stylish air channel on backrest

Fully Ergonomic Design

Built in collaboration with esports pro players for the utmost support during extended play sessions, the chair’s backrest naturally conforms to the shape of the spine, providing comfort and easing pressure.

  • Headrest contains memory foam to fit each individual uniquely
  • Chair’s shape supports the natural form of the back
  • Features including adjustable lumbar support and tilt mechanism

High Quality Materials

The inner workings of the HERO has been constantly iterated upon, making use of top class materials to provide comfort and reliability.

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Thick cold foam core for extra body support
  • Possesses the DIN EN 1335 Office Chair Certification
  • Free branded head and lumbar velour pillows with every purchase

Real or PU Leather Upholstery

Available in numerous colours, with upholstery options fashioned from real top-grain leather, or polyurethane vegan faux leather. These are complemented by the addition of velour side-strips.

  • Durable, easy to clean, water resistant and highly breathable
  • 1.5mm thick PU leather, 1.7mm thick real leather
  • The most vibrant noblechairs color schemes yet

Reclinable Backrest & Tilt Mechanism

A multi-functional butterfly tilt mechanism provides full control over the HERO’s suspension, enabling the fully reclining backrest to be fully stable and supportive.

  • Backrest recline can be locked in place easily
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Independent tilt mechanism: can be locked while in a tilt position, or even tilted backwards while the backrest is upright

Extra Large 4D Customizable Armrests

Complete with a multitude of usability options, these comfortable armrests have a perfect configuration for every user. The HERO possesses larger armrests than other noblechairs models.

  • Adjustable height, depth, width and angle
  • Padded with PU, rendering it soft to the touch
  • Finished with texture that allows for easy grip

5-Star Aluminium Base

Resistant to corrosion, rust, and equipped with 5 casters that allow easy and silent gliding across all types of surface.

  • Recommended maximum weight of 150kg
  • Class 4 hydraulic gas lift
  • Made from light, tough aluminium
  • Casters made from nylon and coated in polyurethane

Total Measurements

Total Height (with base): 137cm / 53.96″

Backrest Measurements

Backrest Height: 89cm / 35.04″
Backrest Width (shoulder level): 57cm / 22.44″
Backrest Width (pelvis level): 56cm / 22.05″
Backrest Width (point of contact): 32.5cm / 12.8″

Seat Measurements

Seating Area Width (total): 52cm / 20.47″
Seating Area Width (point of contact): 35cm / 13.78″
Depth Seating Area (total): 55cm / 21.65″
Depth Seating Area (point of contact): 50cm / 19.69″

Armrest Measurements

Armrest Width: 10.5cm / 4.13″
Armrest Depth: 27cm


  • Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Larger Size
  • 4D Armrest with soft PU padding
  • Full Inner Foam Construction
  • Solid Inner Metal Frame
  • Breathable Fabric Cover
  • Vibrant Coloring
  • Silent 60mm PU Casters
  • Class 4 Gas Lift
  • DIN EN 1335 Certification
  • Butterfly Tilt Mechanism
  • Stylish Air channel
  • Intricate stitching


  • ca. 30 kg
  • Rocking Mechanism Tilt: max. 11°
  • Backrest Adjustability: 45° (90°-135°)
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee: 2 Years

Key Specifications

  • Total Height (with base): 137cm / 53.96″
  • Seat Pan Height (with base): 48 – 56 cm
  • Backrest Height: 89cm / 35.04″
  • Backrest Width (shoulder level): 57cm / 22.44″
  • Backrest Width (pelvis level): 56cm / 22.05″
  • Backrest Width (point of contact): 32.5cm / 12.8″
  • Seating Area Width (total): 52cm / 20.47″
  • Seating Area Width (point of contact): 35cm / 13.78″
  • Depth Seating Area (total): 55cm / 21.65″
  • Depth Seating Area (point of contact): 50cm / 19.69″
  • Armrest Width: 10.5cm / 4.13″
  • Armrest Depth: 27cm
  • Recommended Maximum Weight: 150kg


  • Steel (frame)
  • Cold foam (internal upholstery)
  • Top grain leather, Polyurethane vegan faux leather (cover)
  • Aluminium (base)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Nylon, polyurethane (casters)
  • Memory foam (headrest)
  • Velour (pillows, side strips)
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Specifications and Care
What Flooring Surfaces Are noblechairs Suited For?

Thanks to the polyurethane coating of the swivel casters, noblechairs are equally suited for hard floors (laminate, parquet, cork, screed, wooden floorboards, wooden tiles, stone, granite, linoleum, ceramic tiles) and soft floors (carpets, mats, rugs, pelts). In order to shield particularly sensitive surfaces from abrasion, we recommend using a floor protector.

How Much Weight Can They Withstand?

EPIC seats are approved for a weight of up to 120kg, while ICON and HERO seats are approved for a weight of up to 150kg. Weight should be centered in the middle of the seat in order to stress the casters evenly.

How Do I Clean My Chair?

Coverings are very easy to clean, regardless of which material you choose. By using a microfibre cloth and a little water, stains and dirt can be removed quickly. For more serious soiling from substances such as ink, rubbing alcohol should be used. In order to increase the longevity of your gaming chair, a good real leather / imitation leather conditioner should be applied weekly – this helps protect the material from cracking, wear and moisture.

What Materials Are noblechairs Made From?

We employ these premium materials for all noblechairs products:
– Options for real leather or PU faux leather coverings
– Rear cover made from PU leather
– A sturdy frame made from solid steel
– Comfy & breathable high-density cold foam upholstery straight from the factory
– Durable five-star base and logo emblem made from pure aluminium
– Casters with a nylon core and PU coating for soft and hard floors
– Softly cushioned 4D armrests made of Polyurethane

Shipment and Returns
Can I Return My Chair?

The chair can be returned within 14 days of having received it, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Directive 2011/83/EU in all EU member states. Check your respective retailer’s shop pages for more information about the shipping and return options, or contact our customer support directly.

How Long Is The Manufacturer Warranty?

noblechairs grants 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty starting from the day you’ve received your chair. Natural wear through regular use is excluded from the warranty. All warranty handling is managed exclusively by our direct distribution partners: Caseking and Overclockers UK.

How Long Will My Chair Take To Arrive?

Please contact your supplier – shipping will be managed by them and as a result any kind of delivery time will be under their control and responsibility.

Where Can I Test Out noblechairs Products Before I Buy?

There are two options to try before you buy with noblechairs. The first is to visit our store in Berlin, Germany. The address for our Classic Remise based flagship store can be found below. The second is to keep up to date with our Social Media pages and find out when noblechairs is attending an event or expo.


The noblechairs store:

Sickingenstraße 60

10553 Berlin


How Do I Choose Which Chair Is Right For Me?

If you’d like to ask in-depth questions on which chair will fit you better according to your specific needs, either visit the flagship store for face to face consultation, or send us a message with your inquiries through our contact form.

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